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About the site May 19, 2009

Friends in the Flying Pig Bistro: Me, Beth, Jody and a bottle of Bonterra

Friends in the Flying Pig Bistro: Me, Beth, Jody and a bottle of Bonterra



Funny things happen. I think the everyday things that happen to people, including things like falling down in public, are funnier than jokes that have circled the globe multiple times via e-mail.

Everything is funny. Almost. I think nearly everything can be looked at with humor. Maybe everything except death. Death is rarely funny. But a root canal? Yeah, I can see it being funny. It’s all in the angle.                                                                                 

Other people’s disasters are a sure pick-me-up. Having a bad day? Forget the happy flowers bouquet. The cat will just ingest it while you sleep and leave green-laced, watery vomit all over the kitchen counter. The best way to cheer yourself up is to hear about other people’s plights. That’s sad but true. Tell me you don’t laugh when your friends fall down in Macy’s.

Laughter is the best medicine. No, silly, I didn’t coin that phrase. I think Dr. Pepper did. But it’s true: When things suck, like the economy or your children or your job – or when the economy, your children and your job ALL suck AND you have seasonal allergies – that’s when you need to laugh.


I have none. Actually, I used to write for a weekly newspaper and found that I enjoyed pontificating about trivialities more than I enjoyed writing the news – and the readership enjoyed it more, too. So, with the goal of finding a literary agent for a book that I’ve labored over, I’ve turned to the free world of blogging … we’ll see if it works. At the very least it’ll keep me out of the stores.

 I have two teenage daughters, two big, poorly behaved dogs and eight (not a typo) cats, so when Erma Bombeck used to write about her home life I thought she was Princess Diana. And I have a husband who’s fairly normal but not totally so. So pet hair (either lost via shedding or furballs), orifice oozings, and fights involving a lot of screeching and scratching and trying to shove each other down the stairs (this would be my daughters) are all part of my everyday life.  I bet a lot of you can relate. Commiserate with me!

 I do have a lot of strange things happen to me. Not as many as my friend Tippi – who once had a kitten fly through the sky and land at her feet just as she was jogging through a park and reflecting on recent reading about some Egyptian cat goddess or something – but odd things happen to me a lot.


 You’ll amuse all of us. I’m always amazed at how funny my friends are – and how well they write. So come on – join in. I’ll try to throw ideas out now and again, and you dredge up your funniest memory about that topic. Or start a topic of your own.

I want to hear YOUR funny stories. Kids embarrass you? Better yet, did you embarrass your kids? Do your pets behave like – I don’t know, animals? And I really love stories that involve inebriation. I have a few of those myself.


Banalities: I’m a married mother of two girls, 19 and 16. I graduated from Vanderbilt University in Nashville, Tennessee, somewhere in the late Victorian era. And I graduated from Ballard High School in Louisville, Kentucky. Here I might note that, although I was born and raised in Kentucky, I do have a full set of teeth and usually wear shoes. I don’t have a spittoon, but when my brother visits I wish I did. My husband is a successful businessman, despite my “outgoing personality,” (a euphemism for “loose cannon”), which could have derailed him at any time and threatened to do so quite frequently.

And even though I have 2 dogs and 8 cats, I am not a crazy recluse and the house isn’t covered in feces like the disheveled people you see being led from their homes in handcuffs on TV. You hardly know they’re here. OK, that’s a lie. You know they’re here. But I’m not insane — I just have a lot of cats. They provide frequent fodder for life humor.

I fancy myself a writer, having written two manuscripts, but as they remain unpublished, apparently I alone fancy myself a writer. Time will tell.


4 Responses to “About the site”

  1. Greg Packer Says:

    Unbelieveable. I had to get up and close my office door because of my howling over this site. A true modern day Erma Bombeck, with an edge….. Thank you for this remarkable new source of entertainment. GDP

  2. george m Says:

    Ashley,Great site.Great wit(as always).Maybe someday if I get the time I’ll come up with a thought or two of my own(who knows it may even be funny,witty,and ascerbic……naaahhhh.Keep it up.

  3. Hector Montoya dos Pasos Says:

    I Know Ashley and everything she writes about here she learned in prison. She’s crazy as a barn cat, and last I heard she was involved in narcotrafficing Viagra to Kim Il Sung. Hence her ability to afford eight cats. Readers may wish to note the person who rushed Federer at the French Open final looked suspiciously like Ms Rosen. I’m just saying…….Finally, a compliment: “It is a curious fact that people are never so trivial as when they take themselves seriously.” Thats ‘Wilde’ Ashley, you Vandies read him freshman year. Good job making us remember………………..

  4. john Says:

    Excellent blog … too bad there hasn’t been an update in a bit. That said also check out for a similar perspective on beer and the misc. ramblings of a woman in the Beer Business. Very entertaining. Cheers!

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