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New Year’s Eve and maturity … a documentary in pictures January 2, 2010

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Recommended wine for today’s entry: Because its like 20 freaking degrees outside, I’m going to suggest a glass of Columbia Crest Cabernet Sauvignon 2001, sipped next to a roaring fire! The reasonably priced wine is described on as “ruby red … medium-bodied and full of fresh fruit flavors like cherry and even blackberry. It is an easy going wine that is fairly friendly for a variety of meal matches. Try it with a zesty steak or pot roast. If you are looking for an interesting cheese to pair it with, give Blue Cheese a shot.” Don’t forget the crackling fire.

Wow. Like everything else, New Year’s Eve activities sure change as we age.

When we were DINKS (remember, Dual Incomes No Kids?) we’d rent rooms at posh hotels in Dallas and stay up WELL past midnight at the party downstairs, dancing to live music and sipping champagne and …

You can dress 'em up, but you can't take 'em out.

well, and wrapping colorful plastic leis around our 1980s coiffures and bumping heads with our friends. I can’t explain it. I can barely remember it.

Now that we’re more, uh, mature, we still had oodles of fun welcoming in 2010 … it was just a bit more tame. Like the 1980s, we still enjoyed a beverage or two or six and had quite a few laughs.

A few of the funnier moments are captured here:

My friend Tippi, who was IN CHARGE of white wine and champagne, was also IN CHARGE of pouring the champagne once we remembered that it was in the freezer and took it out and thawed it back to the temperature at which it started. This whole freezing and thawing process was our main activity from about 11 to 11:45, then Tippi began to count the number of people in order to know how many glasses to pour. All very logical. Except she was having some trouble discerning just how many people were there, because everyone kept moving.

Well, it wasn’t like anyone was doing the Virginia Reel and changing positions in an impossible-to-follow, rapidfire and shuffling way. I think one guy may have gone into the powder room and someone else may have shifted their weight to the other leg.

Tippi, exasperated, finally bellowed: EVERYBODY STOP MOVING SO I CAN COUNT Y’ALL!

I might add that there were exactly 11 of us there at this point in time. Double digits can be particularly hard to count.

So the coordination of the champagne took much of the 11:00 hour, but the 10:00 hour was largely consumed with picture taking. Well, we only took a picture of one thing at this New Year’s Eve party. Here it is:

Hester Wonton

As you can see, the photography is not as frivilous and festive as the 1980’s lei fight. But it is sure to make us famous and possibly quite wealthy. You may need to look at it again.

YES! I knew you’d see it. At first we thought this green chili wonton looked like the Virgin Mary and we had big plans to visit the Pope with it in tow. But then, suddenly, Tippi, who was obviously on a roll, realized that no — it doesn’t look that much like the Virgin Mary — it’s the spitting image of Hester Prynne! Well, isn’t it? Remember, in The Scarlet Letter, with the shroud over her head and the giant “A” pinned to her chest and her thin, pale face with a slight tint of green chili showing through?

I have to admit three things here: 1) I realize that it is horrible to compare a wonton to the Virgin Mary and even worse to then change it to an adultress, but alas, that’s what really happened; 2) I made the obviously burned wontons; and 3) I took the original picture with my cell phone, but because I am not responsible enough to have Internet access on my cell phone, I had no way to upload this picture to my computer. But in an act of total divine intervention and bad, alcohol-effected hygiene, I STILL HAD THE WONTON. It was tucked right in there with the bag of leftovers that we brought home from Jody’s! Yes, the very same wonton that virtually everyone at the party had touched, right in the bag with the rest of the leftover, burned wontons! So I can share Hester the Wonton with EVERYONE!

And one final memory of New Year’s Eve 2009 … at or around midnight (we were changing channels from the guy jumping over something to the ball dropping and totally missed the exact second by about three or four sec– no, minutes) the whole group pulled the little strings on their poppers. Feeling festive and happy and one of the group, I held my popper aloft, ready to spray all the little paper ribbons high into the air and pulled.

BLAM! It exploded, just as it was supposed to do, with enough force to shoot the end off and the ribbons spewed forth — and all this happened right into my left palm. And I must say it smarted.

This is why they say not to let people who have been drinking play with explosives. Of any kind.

And just for the record, my husband held his upside down too.


One Response to “New Year’s Eve and maturity … a documentary in pictures”

  1. JOAnn Olson Says:

    I think it looks like a dirty diaper. AND you ate it?

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