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Halloween is NOT a unanimous favorite! October 27, 2009

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Today I have a funny guest blog from my friend Sherry, who, as you’ll see, is NOT a fan of Halloween! You’ll enjoy her memories of the holiday in the 1940s, the changes she’s seen over the years and especially her feelings about pumpkin carving! Thanks, Sherry!

And, as always, your thoughts and memories are welcomed – either at or via the comment box! Oh, and don’t forget to share new wine finds!

Recommended wine for today’s entry: Since Sherry and I like to drink a little white wine as we tailgate, today I’ll recommend a glass of the 2006 St. Francis chardonnay from Sonoma County. It was rated an 89 by Wine Enthusiast and is more of a dry chardonnay — my preference in fall weather. As the Web site says, “the dryness and minerality of this wine, combined with its clean, brisk elegance, make it a very nice partner for shellfish. The flavors are lemons, limes and ripe, crisp white peaches.” Our tailgating rarely involves shellfish, but this would be luscious with Sherry’s famous deviled eggs!

I’m not quite sure how it came about (surely, drinking was not involved!!) but I agreed to be a guest blogger for “Funnier With Wine.”  Being a septuagenarian, I hardly know what a “blogger” is, much less a “guest blogger.”

 However, I believe in honoring a commitment, no matter under what circumstances it was elicited, so I will soldier on!! Is there a limit to my verbiage that I must adhere to?? Or is it kin to my daughter the pilot, when I said, “the weather’s bad, surely they won’t let you fly,” and she said, “Mom, I know you won’t like this, but it’s my decision as to whether I fly or not!” She’s right, I didn’t like that!  So, the analogy is that the boss blogger here will determine if I’ve yakked too long!!

 My idea for the blog is to tell you about my Halloweens and how I feel about the holiday! If that’s of any interest to you, I hope you’ll stick with me here! 

 My memories of Halloween as a kid, in the ‘40s, doesn’t involve much trick-or-treating on my part. But I do remember that on Halloween, in Nashville, the trickers had the upper hand. If one was lucky enough to have a garage, you would make sure that your car was inside or sure as shootin’ you’d have your car windows soaped!!  

 The commercialization of the holiday hadn’t really happened yet, so costumes were whatever you came up with on your own! I do not remember anything I wore on this occasion and so can you imagine how shocked I was when in July one year, my eight year old said to my nine year old: “What are you going to be for Halloween?” Obviously, I thought she was crazy!!  And when the nine year old replied, “I’m going to be a pirate…What are you going to be?” Well, then, I was sure that I’d raised a pack of zombies!! 

 At this point, I must admit that Halloween is, by far, my least favorite holiday! To be more precise, I hate it!! I love Christmas, spend way too much, and Thanksgiving is wonderful…I send Valentines and New Years’ Cards, but now really, who enjoys digging into the guts of a pumpkin to make a jack-o-lantern??? It’s gross!!

 One of my happiest Halloweens was when the children were grown and gone and my daughter gave me a ceramic pumpkin that I’ve used ever since! I stick a candle in it and  put it in the window to welcome the few trick-or-treaters that we get in our neighborhood. I do buy candy for them and enjoy the leftovers!! So, really the good candy bars I buy are for me!!

 I find it somewhat unsettling to walk through the wonderful new Target and see frightening, scary skeletons, ghosts, etc. next to happy Christmas trees, wreaths, etc. As usual, my generation says: “What is the world coming to?”


One Response to “Halloween is NOT a unanimous favorite!”

  1. Susan Borders Says:


    I am shocked and bewildered! You have been hiding this talent. I loved your blog, and I know a lot of people who
    share your feelings about Halloween.


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