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Hey! I DEFINITELY did everything the supermoms did! September 24, 2009

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Recommended wine for today’s entry: A 2001 Tignanello. Pay attention here, people: This recommendation comes from my friend Todd Komarnicki, who is a twice-published author and was a producer for the movie Elf. So this is not just one of my “I-found-this-in-Louisville-Kentucky wines” … this is a wine they drink in New York! Yes, I had to look it up: Wikipedia told me that this Italian wine is made from 85% Sangiovese, 10% Cabernet Sauvignon and 5% Cabernet Franc. The 2001 received a lot of international awards and 91-94 ratings from myriad sources. Here’s the Web site’s description of the 2001: “Intensely fruity and complex on the nose, with hints of wood, full-bodied, rich and complex in the mouth with exceptional structure and a lengthy finish.” For descriptions of other vintages, visit Thanks, Todd!

A recent issue of USA Weekend featured six “supermoms” who shared their top tips. Wow! If only I’d known that when my kids were little … dang! I guess they’d be “superkids” now.

Actually, looking at it, I DID do some of these things when they were tots. Sorta.

1-Put Fitness First. This woman is a personal trainer or something – gee, how hard is that? I mean, I could have taken my kids to work with me. And I did, a couple times, except my bosses never called me a supermom and just complained about the smell of dirty diapers. Anyway, this lady believes that working out together can be a bonding time for a mom and kids. Well, you know what? Back in the day, we had PLENTY of bonding over fitness. My oldest daughter had gymnastics 5-6 days a week and I DROVE her the 20 minutes each way. Except for the days the other moms in the carpool drove her. When I did, though, we talked about everything, including how physically fit she was. Check this one. I totally did this.

2-Let Inner Beauty Shine. I SO did this, too! I remember one day in particular, when my younger daughter was in like, 7th grade, with the whole braces-lanky hair-acne patches thing going. She came down before school and I said, like in a really sweet mom-voice, “Hey, why don’t you trot back upstairs and slather on a little more of that makeup? That way, people won’t just focus on your physical attributes, which maybe aren’t at their best right now, and they’ll see more of the hormonal-psychotic charmer you’re becoming?” Paraphrase that, baby, and if it’s not: “Let your inner beauty shine,” I’m not Mother of the Year.

3-Savor Meals. Well, if you’ve read this blog for any length of time, you’ll know that I’m not much in the cooking department. And when the food sucks, there’s really no reason to all sit at a table, facing each other, so that I can see the look of disgust that crosses everyone’s face as they see/smell/taste whatever I’m serving. So we savored our sandwiches … just not as a group and while we ALSO (here’s where MY kids got a little extra bonding) savored TV. What says family time better than an episode of The Simpsons?

4-Stay Connected. Now, I didn’t really read this far into the article, I just wrote down the titles for the last three because I was getting really tired and they didn’t have Cliff Notes. But I’m pretty sure they meant to stay connected electronically. And boy have I done that! My daughters and I text all the time. Just yesterday, I got a text that said, “Make my lunch.” Oh, and one that said, “The lady (she used a much uglier word here) who waxed my eyebrows screwed me up BAD and I am crying.” Only because I was CONNECTED could I deal with this horrific episode in my 17-year-old’s life. “Quit whining,” I connected. “I hope you didn’t tip her.”

5-Encourage Healthy Lives. I actually excel at this. I’m a vegetarian and my older daughter has embraced this lifestyle as well. We forego meat and chicken (and she foregoes seafood, even) … and instead we eat quinoa, spinach wraps and tons of fresh, raw veggies. PSYCH! No we don’t! Yuck! We eat nachos, American cheese on white bread, PopTarts and Chips Ahoy. But we’re vegetarians and if that doesn’t say, “healthy lives,” nothing does. Also, I have offered to follow my younger daughter with the car anytime she wants to go running.

6-Use Your Passion. By now I really wasn’t reading, but if using my passion will be an integral part of my children’s upbringing, I guess I can introduce them to wine. They seem a little young, but the kids in Paris were sipping with dinner. Nah. I can’t do that. I don’t really want to share. I know! I’ll use my passion for … I really don’t have another passion. I mean, that’s such a strong word. I like cats. So maybe she means to teach my children to care for a varmint properly. I got it! I’ll start with teaching them to clean the litter boxes…

Wow. I feel SO much better about myself having gone through this little exercise. I would encourage all my mom readers to do the same. Here I sit (in my pajamas), with the well-adjusted, happy little family off to productive days … the 17-year-old left for school dressed as a cat, complete with a bow tie and go-go boots … wait, are there cats at the Playboy mansion?… and how is that “Disney Day” attire? … and my husband is off to work, leaving the scent of frosted brown sugar-cinnamon in his wake. Haven’t heard from college girl yet. Am sure she’ll text me soon. Remember – stay connected.


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