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A look at U-Tube proves Billy Currington’s right: People are crazy. July 6, 2009

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Recommended wine for today’s entry: Lioco chardonnay from California. Our friends Kelly and Laurie brought us a bottle recently and I love it! I did a little research, and Amy Otto agrees with me. In her words, “Stuhlmuller Vineyard is not your buttery over-oaked chard of California’s past; it is more reminiscent of a fine French Chablis. Its graceful style combined with judicious acidity makes this wine meant for food. I found this wine in my local wine shop for $25 and its a bargain.”  (

I have never been too interested in U-Tube, but the other day I actually checked one out. It was titled “Bizarre Foods Survival Special.” I’m not sure what I expected to find, but I think I was lured to it because my friend Janis just returned from a mission trip to Zambia and she was talking about little critters (these would be parasites) that returned in people’s intestines. So I guess I was thinking about gross critters.

Well, in this U-Tube, you’ve got these two outdoorsy kind of guys — one with a bandana around his head and one who looks like he just got his hair done at a nice salon. Bandana head immediately picks up a cute little mini-salamander, just like the ones that swarm the pool enclosures in Florida, and pops it into his mouth. After one chew he says, “he was actually very sweet,” and hands the tail to coiffure head. Something about leftovers and a little thread. Oh my.

Then he goes on to say that the small ones don’t “have a large stomach with lots of half-digested matter…” Is this for real? Did you just describe the freaking guts of the little critter as if you’ve rolled the tiny stomach over your tongue? I should have turned it off, but just as we’re drawn to glance at accidents at times, I continued watching.

I might add here that bandana head was not small man, so I’m assuming that he either eats A LOT of little teeny critters or he supplements his insect-heavy diet with milkshakes and extra value meals.

Next on the tasting menu: larvae. I kid you not. The man opened a cocoon and popped out an insect of unknown origin or future existence. I mean, this could have been the larvae of some spider that thrives in damp, acidic places (like a human stomach) and can reproduce without a male. I forget what that’s called, but the phenomenon exists. So now you have a spider swarm in your stomach.

Maybe it’s just me, but this is NOT a guy I would date.

Not really a U-Tuber in the past, I was curious. What other strange beings are on the tiny screen?

How about U of Andy, who has a very informative three minutes on how to survive a bear attack? Thinking that my friend in the bandana might ought to have a look at this if he’s going to be out foraging in the woods for crawly things to eat, I decided to enroll at U of Andy. For three minutes.

In a nutshell, Andy talks about a scenerio where you’re in the woods and have ingested ‘shrooms and have a tent full of Pop-Tarts and feminine protection products. Of course you’ll lure a bear. Andy’s advice is simple: Have a weapon — either bear spray, a spear or a larger bear. OK, Andy, but just suppose you didn’t plan ahead?

In that case, Andy says, the most important things to remember are: “Never run at a bear; Never lie to a bear; and Never tell a bear you think its friend is cute when in fact the friend is unattractive, because bears can smell lies. And fear.” Hmm…I pondered. I wonder what would one have to be taking to think of these type of things?

I happen to know that many, many people view these U-Tube thingies each and every day. Some, like the tear jerker with Susan Boyle, are heartwarming and worthwhile.

Others make me very concerned about our society.

In the words of a wise country song by Billy Currington: God is great, beer is good and people are crazy.


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