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What’s in a name? A shudder, if you’re a “boomer” June 11, 2009

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Recommended wine for today’s entry: Vieux Telegraphe Chateauneuf-du-Pape. How’s that for a name? Let’s face it, names are important – even in choosing a wine. This is a Rick and Becky favorite, which they describe as “Stout but mellow. Quaffable. Hints of blackberry and tobacco with a licorice finish.” Becky puts that into layman’s terms: “It’s damn tasty with a steak.” It’s from the south of France.

Words have a lot of power. My mother almost made me go to Kalamazoo College because she liked to say that name. I think we are attracted to, and repulsed by, many words.

Here is a comment I received in response to my recent blog about Greek spam and getting gobsmacked. I mentioned that I hate the word blogger, to which April in Virginia answered:

The word blogger is bad, but the word I HATE THE MOST is “Boomer”….When I was younger being a “baby boomer” seemed really hip and cutting edge. But Boomer today sounds like someone pushing a walker around. My doctor had “Boomer” magazine on the wall. Who would buy that? When will the young marketing geniuses start calling us something else…they should be able to think of something better! Ashley, you should have a contest to find something to call us rather than “Boomers”…

Well, people? Let’s think about this. I have to agree with April in Virginia, the word “boomer” is abhorrent. One of my parents’ best friends, Don Weber, used that word in lieu of the word, um, poop. He actually said it a lot. It’s a good word for that — but not necessarily to describe our generation.

And maybe you don’t like “boomer,” but think that if you keep the “baby” in front of it, it isn’t that bad. Wrong. When you’re referring to a now-63-year-old, doesn’t that just ring a little too reminiscent of Bette Davis playing Baby Jane?

It doesn’t help that the next generation got like the coolest name ever. I mean, why do people born a scant four years after me get to be called Gen X? Really — would you rather be a Gen X-er or a Boomer? Not a tough choice. Maybe we can start a nationwide linguistic revolution. So send me your best words for those born between 1946 and 1964.

Which leads me to another question. Now, I’m certainly no historian, but when they lump us all together as the product of gleeful bedroom shenenigans between returning World War II soldiers and their wives, I have to wonder: Do you think that some of those people waited until 1963 to celebrate? If so, what were they waiting for?

Maybe they were trying to have a Gen X-er.

Here’s a prompt from Wikipedia to get you started: “The baby boom has been described variously as a ‘shockwave’ and as ‘the pig in the python.’ By the sheer force of its numbers, the boomers were a demographic bulge which remodeled society as they passed through it.” Although I gotta say, that doesn’t give you a whole lot of glamour with which to work.

OK – let’s have your suggestions – send them via the comment section on this page.


3 Responses to “What’s in a name? A shudder, if you’re a “boomer””

  1. JOAnn Olson Says:

    How about the “oops” generation?

  2. April in Virginia Says:

    LOL Jo Ann…Long time no see. Still remembering that fun weekend in Florida all those years ago.

  3. Bammy Says:

    great piece! really enjoyed it! brought back fond memories of high school english teachers

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